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250 Mill Street
Taylors, SC, 29687
United States


Sofia Invitations and Prints brings you custom designed laser cut, letterpress, and flat printed wedding invitations and other stationery items. Sofia Sayer, founder, designs exclusively for each customer or business....creating one of a kind, high end stationery and other products. Laser cutting and letterpress printing is done in house.

Our company was founded by Sofia Sayer in 2011, after Sofia spent years designing textiles in NYC and teaching art. She holds a bachelors degree from the world known art college, Rhode Island School of Design, and a masters from The New School in NYC.

Sofia Invitations and Prints is located in Greenville, South Carolina. We make our products with our own hands on a Chandler and Price press from the early 1900's, a Kluge press from World War 2, and two modern Epilog Laser.

Top Wedding Invitation Trends of 2018

Inspiration and knowledge from Sofia Sayer, Greenville wedding invitation designer.

Wedding Invitation Expert Knowledge Blog for Sofia Invitations and Prints

Top Wedding Invitation Trends of 2018

sofia sayer

Handmade Paper

There is no denying handmade paper has made a victorious comeback. Handmade paper started showing her face again a few short years ago with a whole new look to follow. We are seeing trends with gorgeous, flowing calligraphy, vellum overlays, and compiled textures. These pictures here show an example of the style of invitation that goes with handmade paper that everyone cannot get enough of.

All Photos below are Sofia Invitations and Photos are by Amanda Perry 



Vellum is one of the biggest of 2018. It is being incorporated in so many different ways. The invitation can be printed onto the vellum along with beautiful designs (usually floral). There are vellum envelopes, belly bands, and menus. Because of the light opacity of the paper it gives invitations sets that perfect soft whimsical feel. Check out what I mean in these pictures below.

First Photo: Sofia Invitations Photos: Amanda Perry 
Third Photo: Plume Calligraphy


Vintage Stamps

This is a trend I see increasing more and more this year for those customers who like every detail to be consistent. Vintage anything is usually awesome, and these stamps do not dissapoint. It aids in giving those handmade paper invitations an extra vintage, look but with a modern feel through the more trendy colors. Take a look at how cool these stamps look on these wedding invitation sets.


Second Photo: Photo by Gia Canali Invitation by Tine Pine Press

Third Photo: Photo by The Love Studio and Calligraphy by Post Calligraphy  


Laser Cut

Lasercut has pretty much moved on from a trend to a classic. Lasercut is so advanced and powerful that it really does not put any limit to your imagination.  From invitations, to belly bands, to engraving wood or cork, the laser can do it all. Here are our most requested lasercut invitations this year.

All Invitations below are by Sofia Invitations and all photos are by Amanda Perry


Wax Stamps

This is my personal favorite trend so far. It mixes the old with the new perfectly. Wax stamps have been used for hundreds of years: it used to be used in almost every letter to seal an envelope, as well as prove who the letter is from. If it had the kings' seal you knew it was legitimate and really from him.  Now the old custom has come back around and is one of the top wedding trends of 2018. It combines the new because you can easily custom design your own logo or names in the stamp. And there are special glue guns to place the wax where it needs to go. There are even sticker wax seals if you do not feel like dealing with the wax yourself. It is easy, beautiful, customized, and the perfect addition to your invitation set.

First Photo: Sofia Invitations design and Amanda Perry Photography

Second Photo: Paula Lee Calligraphy

Third Photo: A Fine Flourish